Trace Analysis Research Centre

Department of Chemistry


TARC was established in 1971 through the efforts of Prof. Douglas E. Ryan in obtaining a Negotiated Development Grant from the National Research Council of Canada. It has grown from a group of three faculty, mainly involved in promoting new methods of trace chemical analysis to nine members including Dalhousie Faculty, retired, but still active Dalhousie Faculty, and adjunct members. Research interests have similarly expanded to include topics such as bioanalytical chemistry, chemometrics, electrochemistry, and mass spectrometry. Over the years TARC has sponsored conferences on various topics, developed educational material and teaching instruments, been home to the Dalhousie University SLOWPOKE-2 Reactor Facility (DUSR 1976-2011), promoted analytical chemistry in developing countries, in particular at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, and provided software for users of mass spectrometry. This in addition to generally advancing the science of chemical measurement through research.

Areas of individual research interest are listed for each TARC member.