Trace Analysis Research Centre

Department of Chemistry


A Doucette Alan A. Doucette, Associate Professor, director of TARC
Research interests: developing new technologies and methodologies for the characterization of biological molecules using mass spectrometry, interfacing new front-end technologies to mass spectrometry.

H Andreas Heather Andreas, Associate Professor
Research interests: the application of electrochemical methods to the study of alternate methods of energy storage and production, in particular the use of supercapacitors.

P Wentzell Peter D. Wentzell, Professor
Research interests: chemometrics - the efficient extraction of information from chemical measurements and application to environmental, biological, forensic, and clinical chemistry.


W Aue Walter A. Aue, Emeritus Professor
Research interests: analytical chemistry and chromatography, including flame photometric and electron capture detectors for gas chromatography and bonded phases for gas and liquid chromatography.

A Chatt Amares Chatt, Professor
Research interests: the application of radiochemical analysis and other techniques to probems in the areas of nuclear, bioanalytical, and environmental chemistry and radioactive waste management.

JS Grossert J. Stuart Grossert, Professor
Research interests: fragmentation pathways for nitrogen- and sulfur-containing ions in the gas phase, developing analytical methods for such ions involving mass spectrometry.

L Ramaley Louis Ramaley, Professor
Research interests: application of mass spectrometry and allied technologies to the separation, identification, and quantification of compounds in complex samples, development of novel analytical instruments.


J Hellou Jocelyne Hellou, Adjunct Professor, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Research interests: the qualitative and quantitative analysis of anthropogenic chemicals in the marine environment, especially in sediments, in terms of source apportionment, weathering, and bioavailability to aquatic life as determined by investigating bioaccumulation, biotransformation, and biological effects.

D Pinto Devanand M. Pinto, Adjunct Professor, Institute of Marine Biosciences
Research interests: development and application of bioanalytical techniques, e.g. chromatography, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics, to problems in biology, especially pathogenesis.