Trace Analysis Research Centre

Department of Chemistry


Undergrad Lab From the beginning the members of TARC have been heavily involved with developing automated and computer-controlled instruments. Some of these instruments include mass spectrometers, high-resolution Raman and molecular emission spectrometers, chromatographic detectors, and pulse electrochemical systems. Although the nuclear research reactor in the SLOWPOKE-2 Facility is no longer available for neutron activation, TARC still maintains anti-coincidence detection and counting instrumentation for radiochemical research involving natural radioisotopes.
Various detection devices such as the electron capture detector, flame photometric detector, and fluorescence array detector have been studied and developed. In the area of atomic spectroscopy, Zeeman modulation and background correction, flame atom traps, and magneto-optic rotation have been investigated. Air and fog sampling systems have been built and applied to environmental studies. Several TARC faculty have been involved with the development of inexpensive, open instruments for use in the undergraduate teaching laboratories.

Research in the area of instrumentation continues with the development of new mass spectrometric instrumentation, including novel pre-spectrometer separation devices for proteins and other biomolecules, new two-dimensional chromatographic separation systems, chemical sensors, and instruments for the advanced undergraduate analytical chemistry laboratory. This work is accomplished with the help of the excellent Technical Resources of the Department.